Delegate a task

To delegate a task to somebody else, tap the "assign" button from the "card view". The assign button looks like a person with an arrow pointing towards them. At this point you will enter the "assign view" where you can select from your list of existing contacts or add a new contact.

Assign or delegate a task

When you delegate a task to somebody else, the task is moved to the WAITING folder. You will notice that the task no longer appears in any of your lists. This is because the task is delegated to someone else and not something that is to be completed by you. Tasks will however still appear in the list for PROJECTS if it is assigned to a project.

When you delegate a task, you will also see an option to share the task with someone. When you share a task with another person, an email or an in app notification is sent to the recipient alerting them that a task has been shared with them. For more info on sharing please visit the Sharing Explained page on our website

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